San Diego Hotlimos Reviews


San Diego Hotlimos Reviews


San Diego Hotlimos has reviews in San Diego for Party Buses and Limos. Some bad some good. We try to do our best and when our best isn’t good enough we definitely like input so we can make our service better for those who will come after you. Every little thing you can say to us is something we will try to fix, that is our promise and that is our guarantee. Please keep in mind we took over San Diego Hotlimos in May, 2015. But, since then we’ve sold 3 vehicles and purchased 3 brand new vehicles at a cost of close to $500,000. Please kn0w that we are committed to be a driving force in the party bus industry in San Diego and Southern California and would love to be your “Go To” guys/girls for all your limousine and party bus transportation. Let’s not forget about our group limo bus transportation too.

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Bryce R.
Tucson, AZ
5.0 star rating


We booked SD Hot Limos for our wedding June 25th. I cannot say enough about the level of service that was provided to us. We originally booked a 25 passenger party bus, but due to something else they decided to upgrade us to a 35 pax party bus at no extra charge. Our driver, Ray, was professional and more than accommodating. The bus was clean and fresh. It almost felt like the bus was brand new. It probably was but even if it was older I’m sure Ray and the other employees would have had the bus looking tip top shape. I have never been in a nicer party bus. The bus had a bumping sound system, absolutely flawless, and it had satellite tv so we could watch the soccer matches as well. The lighting was awesome and the AC kept us as cool as can be. With all that being said the price was still the best in town. I will not hesitate to book with them again.

Melanie K.
Country Club, CA
4.0 star rating

I like this service. They were on time, super friendly. However, the power went out in their limo and we had to jump start it using our cables and my co-worker’s truck.. The driver was embarassed by the situation and was very apologetic, but it took 45 minutes to get the limo started. We got to our party and had a great time and the limo was there when he said it would be to pick us up.

I am giving them 4 stars because of the way they handled the bad situation. I would recommend this company because they stand behind their agreements and give great customer service.

The only thing keeping them from getting 5 stars was the van not starting and that it took 45 minutes to get it running.


5.0 star rating

We recently used San Diego Hotlimos for a company holiday party and it was spot on fabulous. They were on time, accommodating, and the driver was super nice. Would absolutely use them again, for possibly a Temecula wine run?


Bonnie F.
San Diego, Ca
5.0 star rating

San Diego Hotlimos was undeniably so much fun. I just went on a beer tasting adventure for a friends birthday and getting the limo bus was by far the way to go. Drew was great and really easy-going, which is a lot to say once the libations started to flow freely. If we hadn’t gone with setting up this kind of transportation, it would have ended up being an entirely different day.


Ann C.
Chula Vista, CA
5.0 star rating

We had a great time last Friday
The Party Bus was the party
Drew is the best !!
We have been out with him 2 x now
Every time we wish we could go again & agian
The best in SD


Adam S.
Garden Grove, CA
5.0 star rating

I used San Diego Hotlimos for a recent brewery tour for a bachelor party. I spoke with Andrew who was very up front and able to work with our schedule on a very short notice of 2 weeks prior to the.event. Our party started at 11am at a hotel in the gaslamp. At 10:58 Andrew calls me to say he is out in front of the hotel… Right off the bat I’m impressed with a driver being on time. I would have given him 15 minutes. We were loaded into a short bus with wrap around seating. They say that it seats 16 but if you are like us and all pretty big guys it would really fit 14. 16 would be a little tight but manageable. So the bus has lights and a hook up for an ipod to listen to what ever music you want. The stereo was fine and satisfied our needs. And at the back of the bus is a clear stripper pole. So 11 sober dudes and a pole… Since we started out early Andrew suggested we go to pizza port. This is a great place to hit up. Great beer and food. Andrew took off but said call 15 before pickup. Made a call when we were ready and 15 minutes later our bus was there. Andrew took us to a few more places as our time allowed. If you can hit up green river. By the time our trip was winding down we had happy guys and yes the pole became an attraction. Another good thing about the bus can bring your own booze. There is a cooler ready to go just remember to bring ice. Along the seating there are cup holders so you won’t need to hold your drink all the time. By the time we made it back to the hotel we had 10 minutes left on our time. Instead of just parking Andrew said he will just continue to drive around until our time is really done. Props for that. One note of this bus is there was no bathroom. Not that we needed one but if your trip didn’t stop as much this could be a problem. I would highly recommend using this service as we got everything we asked for and had zero issues. Thanks again Andrew for the good times and short notice as well.

Jennifer M.
Redondo Beach, CA
5.0 star rating

Andrew was very very helpful! We rented one of his party buses and it was amazing! The driver showed up on time and she was very helpful and professional! You just cannot beat their prices! I’m sure at the end of the night we might have been a handful LOL but she was very tolerant of us and got our group home safely! I would def recommend using SD hot limos in fact I am rehiring them to take my new husband and I to our hotel suite the night of our wedding!


Trisha B.
San Diego, CA
5.0 star rating

My Fiancé & I used this company for our bachlor/bachlorette coed party. We had the best time! The driver was so nice & had an awesome recommendation to hit up some bars down the coast. It was such a great experience & we couldn’t think of it being any more perfect. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to have an awesome time at a reasonable price!


Gale H.
San Diego, CA
5.0 star rating

As a party and event organizer we have used a lot of different Bus/Limo companies over the past few years and SD Hot Limo & Party Bus is a stand up company with legitimate rides and competitive rates. We at Gale Force Productions & OB Rocks will use this company with our events every time we can!!!


Nick P.
San Diego, CA
1.0 star rating

Bus was not re-done like promised with new interior. The A/C didn’t work!!! Ice and Water were worked into the contract…they were not present on the bus. Looked like the bus from the movie Major League when it pulled up. Nothing like the pictures on the site. Some of the seating was not secured down and moved as did the ice chest area…the top came off and was sliding. The ceiling was ghetto in a few areas. They only take CASH as a payment (other than the deposit), so be prepared for that little surprise.

A half-assed apology does not cut it when our company was contracted out for a 40th bday party and we had 26 people all with the same expectations for the vehicle that we promoted off our site for them. Owner was a bit cocky and not friendly at first nor really helpful to put our cooler under the bus. That is YOUR job and YOUR company. All was said and done and the owner offered 20% off next tour, not that tour. No thanks. Too many other great companies to partner with. We are doing 4+ brewery tours a month and this is not a partnership I will be working with in the future. Big Woody Limo bus company is awesome and we are happy to partner with them when possible. That weekend there bus wasn’t available however.

Comment from ANDREW S. of San Diego Hotlimos And Party Bus 3/5/2013

Nick, you are absolutely right! But, that is why we are remodeling the party bus to make it better. If you would like to rip our hard working small company that is your prerogative.

But, the bus has dual A/C. Rooftop units and internal vehicle unit. During the vehicle makeover we removed the hanging appendages from the roof top units. Our electrician wasn’t available to wire the units due to Valentines Day.

Secondly, this was a business to business transaction. You received a rate based on that. We gave you an excellent rate. The point of giving 20% off on the next trip was to make it up to you and show you how excellent the bus turned out. It’s unfortunate you took the later route for you are only hurting yourself. Also, we have several other models that are much nicer, our Revolver and our 14 passenger: (Rockford Harley Executive Limo) The reason we are doing the upgrade to the larger bus is so they look at amazing as our smaller buses.

Thirdly, I acknowledged the vehicles shortcomings because of the renovation and we underestimated the size of the project before us. I told you I was willing to work with you. But, you simply just decided to make it public.

Fourthly, we do 12 to 20 brewery tours a month and was willing to send you business to make up for my under site. I specifically told you about this.

Good day.


Izabela R.
San Diego, CA
5.0 star rating

Awesome experience!!

Everything went very smoothly and our bus was brand new and super clean. The sound system was really great and there was even a built in cooler!

Drew was SUPER accommodating to my last minute changes, and I’m talking the day before and the day of!! The number of people going changed at the last minute and I asked if it was a possibility to downsize the bus, and he made it happen, no problem! Also, the location pick up changed THAT MORNING and I just emailed Drew, he got back to me right away, again, no big deal!!

Communication was very prompt and the price was the best out of any other company in SD that i contacted!! I will be using San Diego Hotlimos again for sure!!


Kyle W.
San Francisco, CA
5.0 star rating

Absolutely awesome experience! I would highly recommend working with this company. Their customer service is impeccable and the quality of the party bus was awesome!

I booked the Rockford Harley party bus for a bachelorette party this past weekend. The driver (Lena) was AMAZING! She could not have been more organized, professional, or kind. I worked with Andrew to book everything and he was just as awesome! I had a little glitch with my deposit not clearing and he was so calm and kind helping me work everything out and confirming our booking at the last minute.

Overall the experience was perfect and I would definitely book through them again. They were affordable, fun, and reliable! Thanks for everything!


Tom S.
San Diego, CA
1.0 star rating

This limo service is absolutely dreadful. We signed a contract for 20 people on a wine tasting tour and when we finally got the alert email that provided details (night before) it stated that we had a bus for 18 small to medium people. When we called them to attempt to get a bus for 20 people, the Manager, Andrew, was quite rude and basically told us we were stuck with the bus for 18 small to medium folks. He would not agree to any refunds. When asked to define small to medium, they would not do so. I would not recommend this service to anyone. I didnt even want to rate them with one star. They don’t deserve it.

This just got worse as Andrew called and would not even consider giving our deposit back….much more, he charged us the entire amount after we cancelled. In my opinion,the 5 star reviews must be from this organizations friends. Do not use this service – they are a disaster! After conferring with several other services, they all said that they had heard issues with San Diego Hotlimos! This rating should be a negative 5!

Andrew never called back as he said that he would so I called his business line to further discuss this issue. I informed him that I have now informed the Better Business Bureau of this situation. I would strongly recommend not using this service.

Comment from ANDREW S. of San Diego Hotlimos And Party Bus 2/8/2013

As we told Tom several times that his friend ( who made the contract) specifically filled out our quote form and typed in that they had 15 people. The quote and vehicle we offered them was for 15 people for a 5 hour wine tour. Please keep in mind that the same vehicle is able to do quick transfers for up to 20 people. Specifically picked this vehicle because the size was just right for 15 people for wine tour.

Unfortunately, Laura thought that she could max the vehicle out without permission. Below is the contract she signed. Notice how it says 15 passengers.

Pick-up Date: 02/09/2013 – Saturday
Pick-up Time: 11:00 AM
Estimated Drop-off Time: 04:00 PM
ServiceType: Birthday Party
Passenger: Laura xxxxxxxx
Phone Number: 619-xxx-xxxx
No. of Pass: 15
Vehicle Type: 4-18 PASSENGER
Primary/Billing Contact: Laura XXXXXXX
Payment Method: Visa ** xxxxx

The night before customer calls wanting to add 5 people to the contract and I checked to see if we had a larger vehicle. The night before a Saturday we are usually booked solid. I told them we didn’t have an available vehicle and they would be permitted. They refused and insulted me and and my associate many times on the phone saying that they were going to “ruin me” and leave so many Yelp Reviews that it would put us out of business. Threats will not be tolerated.

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