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We have a vast selection of BRAND NEW luxury party buses and limo buses ready for you and your special event. We cater to black tie events and corporate ones too. No event is too big or small. Let’s dive into each one of these great vehicles so we may help you decide which vehicle is right for you. Make sure to click on the link above to be sent to each limousines personal vehicle page for more information pertaining to that vehicle. Below we have a brief description of the vehicles we offer above.


Image of outside of 18 passenger Hummer limo for San Diego Hotlimos

Check out our 18 Passenger Hummer Limo. Perfect for Quinceanera or wedding. Vehicle comes equipped with all the necessities of impressing your group without spending too much.

This stretched limo is a mainstay in the limousine industry. It provides a comfortable ride even as you are going over other vehicles that are in your way. 

Hummer limos have been around now for 15 years and they will always be respected in the San Diego limousine community as a beautiful and luxurious workhorse. We recommend our Hummer to any groups. Kids, adults, military, etc…

We use them extensively for weddings, kids parties, quinceaneras, shuttle service, transfers, pick up drop-offs, and formal events.

Our Hummer comes complete with high-end luxury designed upholstery with an upgraded sound system. There are 3 areas to store your drinks as well as ice. If you are planning to stay out all day we would suggest for you to ask for more ice which we can add to a larger cooler in the back. Never hurts to be over-prepared for comfort and refreshments. Our vehicle is white and comes with wide style off-road tires. There are not too many places this vehicle can’t go!

If you are planning on driving in long stretches we would most likely recommend one of our many brand new party buses or limo buses. They are a little more comfortable for long trips and offer the ability for you and your friends to easily move about the cabin and stretch your legs.


 Image of 18 Passenger Party Bus for San Diego Party Bus events by San Diego Hotlimos Our 15 passenger to 20 passenger limo bus is great for all groups looking to save money or afraid of their friends getting a little too crazy. This limo bus brings quality with affordability and allows you not to worry about your friends or family getting out of line. This sturdy party bus offers it’s guests the basics of what any party needs to be successful: Safe Travel, Huge Ice Chest, DVD, Booming Sound System, Blackout Curtains, Driver separated area, TV, Lots of under seat storage, Strong Diesel Engine, Comfortable seating, and one great driver to get you where you need to go.

We recommend this small party bus for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Shuttles, Temecula Wine Tours, Beer Tours, Kids Parties, Prom, 2 Way Transfers, Club Bus, Birthday party bus, and company parties.

This small but mighty, black,  cared for the vehicle was our first bus and we take extra great care of her because of that. If you have any additional questions please let us know so we may talk to you about finding out which vehicle is right for you. This vehicle has an extra large ice bin perfect for larger bottles and mini kegs. Beer Tours are a really good idea!


 Image of 25 Passenger Party Bus for San Diego Party Bus events by San Diego HotlimosCheck out our 20 Passenger Limo Bus, “The Astoria”. This handsomely equipped Brand New limo bus has everything you will need to impress 10 to 25 adults or 30 kids. We highly recommend this beauty for wine tasting, beer tasting, and anything intimate.
Because of her size, this vehicle is one of our more requested limousines in Oceanside, CA areas.

She’s quick and agile and is the perfect size for 20 to 25 friends getting together for some weekend fun. We also use The Astoria for most of our retirement parties to Temecula for wine tasting tours. But, keep in mind if you don’t like wine San Diego is renowned for microbreweries. Beer Tours are fast becoming a fan favorite.

This vehicle is set up with a couple bars and has enough storage for any extra drinks you may want later on. Also, has driver privacy door to allow the driver to focus on what’s important – safety and the road. The vehicle also comes with an intercom system so you can speak with your driver 1 on 1 without going to the front of the bus.

All of the environmental controls and media is controlled from the very back by all the action.

The Astoria also comes with a nice sized storage area in back perfect for a Party Bus to Vegas trip for Memorial Day or Labor Day. Please remember for big Holiday weekends to book right away because we do fill up fast for Vegas Getaways from San Diego. Also, The Astoria is great for any transfers to Mexican Border, Golf Outings, and even football Tailgaters. Remember we have another football team to cheer for. You never know with Southern California football. I honestly believe the best Charger team was in the 80’s.


Clickable image of 35 Passenger Party Bus for San Diego Party Bus vehicle page for events by San Diego Hotlimos

 Check out our 30 Passenger Party Bus, “The High Roller”. This beautiful pleasure palace is ready to roll. It’s not too small and definitely not our largest bus but it’s definitely a big party bus. Either way, grab your friends, family, and co-workers for this elegant vehicle.

We highly recommend her for all our Party Bus to Las Vegas trips.

The High Roller gets its name from the person who rented it first. A CEO who understood that BIG allows you certain pleasures. Well, this Big Party Bus certainly offers ironically life’s little pleasures. This San Diego limo bus comes with 4 monitors for your viewing pleasure and satellite TV.  This party bus limo also makes it easy for you to stay in contact with the driver with an intercom system so you can speak with your driver 1 on 1 without going to the front of the bus.

All of the environmental controls and media is controlled from the very back by all the action.

The High Roller is winery tour and beer tasting tour favorite as well. Just ask us about our different packages during the week to help you save the most money. You might also check out our Party Bus Specials page to familiarize yourself in how we charge and sometimes don’t charge.

Understanding our business will help you save. If you are curious about any cross business promotions with our company also feel free to check out our Business 2 Business and find out how cross promotions can work for both of our companies.


 Clickable image of 50 Passenger Party Bus for San Diego Party Bus vehicle page for events by San Diego HotlimosOur 50 passenger party bus that delivers more than it promises. The King party bus is made for luxury, comfort, and, well, show off.  If you can afford her you deserve to be in her.

This party bus rental is for groups of 30 or more and wants to pay a little more to get a lot more. This vehicle comes with nothing standard and everything extra! 4 extra large TV’s, Satellite TV, more installed stereo equipment than a nightclub, more leather seats than a furn

iture showroom, more speed than a Ferarri without an engine. Ok, we are embellishing a bit but this San Diego Limo Bus is exactly as the name says. We would like to call it “her”, but it just doesn’t sound right. “He” is a beautifully designed 2015 Krystal Coach that puts most limos to shame.

We recommend this vehicle for long excursions, tailgating parties, concerts with co-workers, Holiday Lights Tours, Disneyland with 10 families, huge birthday parties in San Diego, Chargers, Padres, Del Mar Racetrack limo, Company Outings, Rose Bowl limo, etc…  Remember the more people you have the smaller the cost per person to afford this wonderful party bus. Here at San Diego Hotlimos we try and make all of our vehicles affordable. Just by planning ahead you may be sitting in The King sooner than you think.

Like our High Roller it comes with the most of the same setup but just a little bit bigger. You will have contact with the driver and controls in the back of the bus.
Remember, we take extra good care of our vehicles for your pleasure. If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can better serve you feel free to contact us and we will see you on the road! 

  • We are an eco-friendly company

  • The vehicles are washed with non-potable water

  • All of our information about our fleet vehicles are up to date and accurate so booking is as simple as a button click away 

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