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San Diego Prom Party Bus

School Party Bus

Homecoming Party Bus or School Formals are here and Prom Party Buses are being sought after. If you are a high school student or parents researching party bus providers we have some great info to get the best prices on the best party buses with the best limo company.

It’s your duty as a student and parent to cut as many corners as possible so you don’t break the bank or lose the friendship between you and your son or daughter. We have many ways to help you cut corners and still lock your luxury party bus down. Check out our PROM LIMO COST SAVING LIMO GUIDE


The most important part of prom is the outfit. Many young women spend a lot of money on the second most important dress they will everywhere, besides their wedding gown. Today many girls are buying and selling their prom dresses on Craigslist or Ebay. Yes, if you buy from Ebay you may be buying somebody else’s problem. If you can get a million different measurements before it gets there it may suit you wisely to do so. Craigslist offers a better solution because a young girl can go with her Father or Mother to try the dress on. Make sure to do this at least a month or two out so you will be able to carry out specific alterations as needed.

The closer you get the eventual date your seamstress may be pressed for time as well. Young men are better suited to saving more money because tuxedos come in a multitude of designs and styles. Even a sports jacket and tie are good enough for prom nowadays. Also, young men will be able to keep their suit for an eternity as long as they keep their boyish figures.


Party Buses are another hefty pricetag if you want to get a limo or party bus. Of course, the party buses are a better value because the more people you have the cost per person will go down. Also, the best part of a party bus is that you can stand up, move around, and actually party. Stretched limos will hold 10 to 20 kids comfortably and will keep your kids in check getting too crazy. Unfortunately, for the young adults, the price for a prom stretched limo is around $600 for a stretched 10 passenger limo and up to $1500 for a stretched Hummer.

Now, to try and get the best price for your limo parents may have to take the initiative for their student. Sometimes by paying the price for a limo or party bus upfront in cash.  Don’t Make a Mistake!

You may be able to get a major discount from the limousine company. Also, try to ask if the company would work the limo during the actual prom while you or your son and daughter are actually in the prom. By doing this you are essentially helping the limo company make more money and therefore should give you a discount. Be careful that the limo company knows the exact times the dance will be over for some companies may get too greedy and leave you in the cold. Also, check local ratings and make sure the company you are hiring hasn’t left other students high and dry.


Unfortunately, it happens every year, that limos break down and kids are left racing for a backup plan. Don’t expect a backup limo to come rescue you so make sure some parents are on alert for the backup plan. Lastly, San Diego Hotlimos was started by a family of mechanics and our business is still in operation in San Diego county the past 25 years and counting. We have never had a malfunction that could have been prevented.

Lastly, be prepared for a backup plan if something should go wrong. Have a list of phone numbers in case something does go wrong and back up plans. Prom is an important date and we want everyone to have a great time.