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Looking for a San Diego kids birthday party or Sweet Sixteen birthday ideas? San Diego Hotlimos has been providing kids birthday parties right for over 10 years. We currently have an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau and have provided a list, with links to some of the great ideas at the very bottom of the page.

More importantly is that our company is based on a family of mechanics. In fact, we’ve been in business for over 35 years and have one of the oldest Auto Repair Shops in San Diego County. Come to check us, and the buses out at your leisure. We have great San Diego Kids Party Ideas we can tell you all about.


We also organize Quinceaneras and have Spanish Speaking drivers to accommodate. We organize San Diego kids party bus rentals each month and we offer daily specials on Sunday through Friday. Plan ahead and save!

If you are planning a Girls Birthday Party or Boys Birthday Party you can feel safe knowing that these great ideas will be a smashing success!  We specifically researched these ideas from past clients and have determined them the best and would be an excellent idea for a San Diego Kids party. If you do choose for us to provide your limo transportation keep in mind we have affordable rates and packages available for all kids and young adults that include our kid’s party buses.

Theme Party

Theme Parties with a limo are easily some of the best times one can have without having a reason to have a party. Most of our Theme Parties are usually birthdays but they also come during Christmas (Ugly Christmas Sweater Party) and other completely unrelated special events.

Most importantly you will save money having Hotlimos drive you and your friends/kids around San Diego. Spending a majority of your time in our limos partying while having pizza delivered will save you a grip of cash from not going to a restaurant and paying $30 a plate.
Hotlimos has party packages starting at $10 a person and for around $15 person you can get some great pizza and a great party bus!

3-Day Weekend

The best time to plan a party bus party rental is when you have either a 3-day weekend for work or school. Get your best friends together and travel up and down San Diego dancing to the music with our advanced stereo system.

What’s really great is if you can rent our limo on a Sunday you can save up to 50% right off the bat. Many of our high-school charters are on a Sunday during parent/teacher conferences or School Break. Give us a call to see if we are busy.

School Dance

School Dances usually require a limo to get to your school function. You might even need us to pick you up and take you all to dinner. Our vehicles are large enough to fit up to 50 kids. We generally have specials of booking for over 6 hours and get 2 free. Please give us a call first for our calendar might be full or close to full. Certain weekends and holidays are subject to no discount.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

We will happily pick you up for your own Bar Mitzvah party bus. We understand that traveling around San Diego with your friends will be a memorable experience and we are happy to have the chance to be a part of it.

As I said we also do Bat Mitzvah’s too. Sometimes from the ceremony to your choice of reception hall works out the best.

Fourth of July Fireworks Party

Get ready to see the fireworks from the best spot in San Diego. We will get you to all the action so you and your friends can celebrate this National Holiday and bring in the festivities with a bang.
We will serve hot dogs and soda and celebrate together.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Our kids’ party bus ideas are not complete without an ugly Christmas sweater party. We will drive you and your friends around San Diego and pretend there’s snow and look at all the Christmas lights on all the houses.

We will supply hot chocolate just in case you feel a chill come on!


Most limos come equipped with drink holders, LED accent-lighting, dance-lighting, television, large cooler, and BASS! We allow decorating so please call and tell us exactly how you would like to have your party bus decorated. We charge a small fee but it will take all the stress away from you planning everything.

We will customize your San Diego Teenager birthday party event based on your desires and needs. Just tell us your son or daughters hobbies, interests, and friends interests are, and give us a budget and we will tell you exactly how we can make your Son’s or Daughter’s special day amazing and epic!

You will also have the help of our driver if you plan on attending the party too. Our drivers are dedicated and sympathetic to your child’s needs but more importantly to your needs and requirements too.

We have affordable rates and packages available for all kids and young adults that include our kid’s party buses. If you want to keep your budget down we have some great ideas further down.

Since our children are a younger version of ourselves we were are able to help you relive those memories by making new ones for your kids. Our party bus packages will help your kids be the number one talked about party at school.


Allow us to customize one of our San Diego kids birthday parties at your request for your child’s party bus rental. Just tell us what their hobbies, interests, and friends interests are, and give us a budget and we will tell you exactly how we can

make your Son’s or Daughter’s special day amazing & epic! We have affordable rates and packages available for all kids and young adults. If you want to keep your budget down we have some great ideas for you! On our San Diego Kids Party Bus or Limo, we will pick everyone up and drive around in style with the thumping of our high-fidelity stereos.

Let your child be the envy of all his friends in one of our huge vehicles. Every one of their friends will talk about it for the rest of the year, or at least until they have a San Diego Kids Party Bus Rental. We allow decorating so please call now so we may set up your party.

We have organized many San Diego kids party bus rentals each month and we offer specials on Sunday through Friday. Also, daily or during parent-teacher conferences and other scheduled days off. Plan ahead and save! San Diego Kids Party bus rentals ARE a great way to surprise your son or daughter with the birthday, graduation or special event they will remember.

It’s hard to call 13 – 18-year-olds…… kids. We would like to think of them as young adults! Allow us to custom plan your child’s party rental and party
from the floor up. We have affordable rates and packages available for all of our kids and young adults. If you want to keep your budget down we have some great ideas too!


There are many places to have your event and they generally do cost the most in terms of party prices. But what price can we put on the love of a child (haha)? Either way, we understand times are tight. We have included some price saving ideas in regards to having a kids party and have listed them in order of which one will cost more.

How much fun will they have is determined on you and your kids? I have been to all of these specific places and have added my personal opinions as well. Check out these great places below:

K1 Speed (Go Karts)

go kart imgTake advantage of the daytime with a trip to K1 Speed for high intensity Go Kart Racing Just click on the GoKart for info. Race it out with your best friends and see who has what it takes to be a Champion for a Day!

They have fast and slower race cars so parents don’t become worried of the outcomes. From what I’ve seen is they are very safe and a lot of fun for all ages. Make sure you are all buckled up and wear their safety equipment.


san diego hotlimos,medieval times,birthday party,transportation,logo  If you haven’t been to Medieval Times or The Pirate Adventure in BuenaPark, CA you are missing out! Food, Drinks, and everything that is merry will follow.

You almost feel as if you part of the festivities as you are taken back hundreds of years in some rip-roaring fun! We highly recommend both of these places and I have been numerous times thanks to extra tickets from guests. It’s great each and every time and never gets old.


san diego hotlimos,birthday logo,icon
The Corvette Diner is one of many Cohen Family Restaurants in San Diego. It features the Fifties themed restaurant with video games, milkshakes, burgers, and some Sock Hop Classic music. The Corvette Diner brings you back to yesteryear and wows you with their large setup and dedication to their fifties theme.

I would recommend the Corvette Diner for younger groups (Perhaps 5 to 13 years of age). The restaurant is smaller and open for parents to see all the children at once. Also, a park surrounds the Corvette Diner therefore fast moving vehicles won’t be an issue. I suggest taking older children to Dave and Buster’s over the Corvette Diner. Dave and Busters are larger and has more entertainment.

I personally felt the food at Dave and Busters was better. Both are great restaurants for kids and teenage birthdays in San Diego.


Img of family having fun at kids birthday party You can never go wrong with anything at D&B’s. In fact, my wife and I still go here on dates and have a great time. They do have plenty of entertainment for all age ranges.

I’m fairly confident that Dave and Buster’s San Diego added all the games and entertainment to actually give parents and the adults a break from the 24-hour task of taking care of kids. Dave and Buster’s is perfect for all ages and they provide upscale dining and entertainment everyone will love.

The also feature birthday party group prices to make your decisions a bit easier as well. Take a look at Dave and Buster’s San Diego Party website to figure something out and call us for a party bus rental too.


san diego hotlimos,amusement park,ideas  Belmont Park has been host to millions of visitors since it’s opening, July 24th, 1925. Today the park has changed quite a bit since those days, but the Giant Dipper, a wooden roller coaster has stood the test of kids, time, and fun.

If rides, games, and circus food doesn’t interest you the park is close to a slew of Mission Beach local eateries. You will find neighboring watering holes and shopping to entertain the fussiest of parents with older children who don’t need to be accompanied.


With two notable trampoline parks located at the pole ends of Sansan diego hotlimos,spring break,logoDiego. One is SKY HIGH SPORTS in North San Diego, off of Miramar Dr. The other is SKYZONE SAN DIEGO.

For an adult I found it to be truly interesting. I jealously watched everyone have so much fun! Kids were swinging from the rope-swings into the sponge ball pit, and bouncing from trampoline to trampoline. I also wanted to know when they are going to have Adult Night with Eighties music and nightclub lighting!

Jump on a San Diego Party Bus and drive all around San Diego County. Most adults would laugh at the idea but every weekend in San Diego bus drivers and chaperones play host to San Diego teens celebrating their birthday or vacation days away from school. Most hourly trips around San Diego generally includes a costumed themed event.

Check out our Theme Parties Page for some tips on planning your costumed party bus party. Trips usually stop every hour at an In-and-Out Burger so the chaperon and driver can clean the bus and the passengers can use their facilities, and eat unhealthy food.


san diego hotlimos,haunted house,tripScavenger Hunts are an excellent idea for a birthday party, especially living in San Diego. See all of San Diego, and get your exercise too.

As an adult, I kinda laughed this one off but we did this with my nephew and had an amazingly fun time. I can see what all the past buzz was about this fad. Pokemon Go was a great time and more importantly, we all got a great work out in!

Why do people like Halloween? Because you can wear a costume! Why should you only wear a costume on Halloween? You shouldn’t! Costumes make the best party bus events! We even give you an additional hundred off if everyone is wearing a costume on a 5 hour charter in San Diego. Check out all our SAN DIEGO PARTY BUS SPECIALS here.


Regardless if you plan to meet at these places or have us drive you there we hope you found our information helpful. Please share or like our company on your favorite social network. It helps us to keep our prices lower. It’s also important if you want to build up some buzz for everyone to chip in!

If you need transportation we are happy to provide safe Children’s Party Buses. In fact, Hotlimos was started by 4 lifelong mechanics. One Father… and 3 dedicated sons. We know the value of family and hope to convey that through our dedication to our vehicles and limo service in the San Diego area.

We provide the newest and safest limos in San Diego and we guarantee their safety! As a testament to our expertise, our auto repair shop has been successfully in business for over 20 years. We are all certified and licensed mechanics and we would trust our own families on all of our buses and limos.