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Ready for some great Limo Specials from San Diego Hotlimos? We have Party Bus Deals for you! Party Buses generally run on the weekends so we can give you better rates if you get your San Diego Party Bus during the week.

Depending on the job, how many miles, the difficulty, or the ease of your request we can give you some serious dollars back. You can easily save hundreds of dollars by just doing this small thing. We also have San Diego Birthday Specials depending on your momentous occasion. Are you turning 18 or 50 years old? Both ages are a very important day in one’s lives and we want to celebrate with you with a discount.

San Diego Military Discounts

We live in San Diego and we understand the sacrifices our enlisted soldiers and officers make. It’s really hard for us to give any specials on a Saturday but we are more than happy to go above and beyond “The Call of Duty” to give you a military special on any of the other days of the week. We also offer our San Diego to Vegas Party Bus Specials for the men and women who dedicate their lives to the protection of our country, our Veterans. For more information regarding “military limo specials” click on the prior link.

Flexible Times

Are you Flexible? We are not talking yoga, but we are talking about fitting you in with other jobs we have out. Many times are vehicles are left sitting in-between jobs and we have no reason to not be working. Since we are working on time constraints we do have more rules that you must adhere too. Since there are other patrons on the vehicle you and your party must be neat and tidy and not cause any unnecessary extra work for your driver. Also, leaving baggage or drinks on the bus would have to be taken with you at the time of off-boarding.

Team Building & Company Travel

Check out our San Diego Business Alliance Page because we understand that working with business’ is extremely important and can symbiotically improve both companies presence in San Diego. We love doing company outings and committing to any of our business packages or marketing advertising ideas will have a driving impact on driving down our overhead and providing more benefits to our customers.

Don’t break the bank on your friends’ account! We understand that you will have maybe a couple friends who think that everything is free, or commit to something but cancel at the last moment. Well like most airline tickets you are reserving a seat and not paying for a ride. Make sure your friends understand that if they can’t make it the day of, that they are still responsible for chipping in, regardless of their 3rd cousin, twice removed bar mitzvah that they absolutely can’t miss.  We all have them so now what to do with them. For starters make sure that all your friends know that if they can’t make it they still owe “X”. This seems to clear up any bad feelings because the rules were established.

National Holidays

National Holidays, many people forget about them and stay home. Why should you? Plan ahead and SAVE money on your party bus! Many of these Sundays before the holiday is just an extra Saturday during the week for the upcoming 4 day work week. Maybe one of these dates is close to your birthday. These dates are perfect for either a Beer Tasting or Wine Tasting.





New Year’s Day (January 1)

Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Third Monday in January).

Washington’s Birthday (Third Monday in February).

Memorial Day (Last Monday in May).

Independence Day (July 4).

Labor Day (First Monday in September).

Columbus Day (Second Monday in October).

Veterans Day (November 11).

Thanksgiving Day (Fourth Thursday in November).

Christmas Day (December 25)

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