Ready for a San Diego Brewery Tour party bus to pick you and your friends up? We have beer drinking party bus and limo tours for you to every San Diego county brewery.

The best part about being in San Diego is all the damn BEER TOURS & Craft Breweries! Brewery Tours in San Diego have been extremely popular with all of our customers.

We are one of the Top 2 Party Bus Companies who Luxury Party Bus Beer & Brewery Tours in the Sun! Check out this Great List of local breweries for your pleasure.

San Diego Hotlimos has very popular party bus beer tours for you to attend. This is perfect for groups who are primarily concerned about drinking some great beer. More importantly, your beer drinking buds won’t be on a time schedule. Here at Hotlimos, we believe that schedules make things difficult. If you are all having a great time at one microbrewery why cut your visit short. Take an extra 15, 30, or Hour at your favorite beer stop. You are the Boss and make the rules while you’re drinking with your friends.

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Which are the Best San Diego Beer Tours?

Trying to decide which brewery option or style is best for your group. Try deciding what your goal is first.

(A) Relaxing San Diego day in the sun with your friends.

(B) Interested in the history of beer, how it’s made, the different types of beer, how each beer flavor is different?


  • Goals= More interested in having fun with friends
  • Relaxing, No Pressure, No Rushing
  • Don’t care for Private Beer Tour (public tour is fine)
  • Interesting in Saving 50%

Social Tours begin by:

  1. Hotlimos picking your party up and traveling throughout San Diego and nearby cities with one of our party buses or pleasure ships.
  2. We suggest that you space your breweries out so your guests actually have some drive time between breweries to have a cool one. On and off the bus can be annoying to guests especially when they just cracked open a beer and you are already at another brewery. It’s best to have at least 15 or 20 minutes in between breweries so you can enjoy a beer on the bus/limo.
  3. When you get to each brewery security should help people off the bus and usually card adults looking under the legal limit. Walking up to the brewery you will either be able to purchase your beer ticket booklets with staff.
  4. (PRO-TIP) It’s always smart to ask if they have larger numbered drink ticket booklets at a discount. This prevents people from buying too many booklets and not using their tickets.  One person is the “Ticket Master” and holds all the tickets for everyone. Preventing some on the bus from drinking too much. Tastings are generally all 4 oz. and I would suggest trying all the beers before you lock down a favorite.
  5. Also, most of the larger breweries will have a food truck outside their location. Don’t you dare call these vehicles “Roach Coaches These restaurants on wheels have usually better food than sit down restaurants?


  • Goals= More interested in Beer/History
  • Time Schedule
  • Private Beer Tour
  • More Expensive
  1. If you are interested in an informative tour and consider yourself a museum kind of girl or guy we would suggest our organized tour.
  2. Organized tours are set in stone and are generally 5 hours in length and come with a meal and have your own Beer Guide and Host/Hostess telling you the finer things about drinking beer.
  3. Know the difference betweena Lager, Pilsner, and Port.
  4. Tour each brewery and talk with the brew meister.
  5. Learn about the history of beer, and afterward, we will have a meal for your group and smile on your face from drinking San Diego’s Finest Beer.
  6. These Brewery Tours are great for groups who’ve haven’t seen a good party in years and they want to keep it that way.pauly girl drinking beer in fields

Can you drink on the Party Bus?

Thankfully, you can! We might have a riot if otherwise. As long as your limousine or party bus company has a Public Utility License to transport passengers. You can make sure your company is reputable and his their insurance and license up to date. Many companies will fail their inspection and run charters without a license or insurance. Serious trouble! You should always find your company’s PUC Locator number at the bottom of their pages. You are more than welcome to use our “PUC LOCATOR HERE” and definitely more affordable since you also have a party bus full of beer at your disposal. Lastly, by renting a limousine for your San Diego Beer Tour you don’t have to worry about the obvious dilemma of drinking and driving.

Just because you can legally drink in our vehicles doesn’t mean you have the right to become ill. Please watch your intake because our vehicles are generally rented out for the evening as well. Secondly, we generally have very tight windows when picking up different parties. Cleaning the vehicle can turn into multiple hours of extra cleaning billable to the previous group. Please be respectful to our drivers.

If you are interested in Distilled Spirits Tours we can also point you in the right direction. San Diego has come up with some great places to enjoy SPIRITS at local distilleries. Check out some of these great San Diego Micro-Distilleries in this great article by

Save big bucks by planning your brew tour on Sunday through Friday! Call for details and don’t fight the lines or rowdies!

San Diego County has breweries scattered across most of it but most Craft Beer Tours are located in three separate areas: coastal, Mira Mesa, and San Marcos. We can definitely steer you in the right direction with cost and length. Give us a call so we can explain the finer aspects of craft beer tours and brewery tours of San Diego.

Keep in mind we also do a GRAND BARGAIN! Wine Tour and Craft Beer Tour in ONE! Split your trip up and start or finish with a Brewery Tour and Head to Temecula before or after. You can’t go wrong and you are destined to make someone in your party happy with the decision. Also, remember San Diego has a couple of distilleries too.

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