San Diego Hotlimos Employee Info


Employee Responsibility


Starting pay is $8.00 per hour plus tip. Clients are told to pay drivers 10% to 20% of trip total. If client’s ask if you have been tipped. “No, customary tip is 10% to 20% of total transportation price. Thank you.”

Checks will be put in the mail the first and fifteenth of every month regardless of work day. Wages will be computed by time sheets that are photographed and emailed to on 1st and 15th of every month before midnight. Any money except for tips not turned in will be considered theft and will be turned in to the authorities. Note: First checks will be 1 week delayed.



Get a receipt that shows actual number of gallons dispensed and price per gallon. Prepaid gasoline receipts cannot be reimbursed. The receipts and expenses will be photographed with a phone and emailed to Please make sure they are legible.



All drivers will be required to have smart phones with camera, email, apps, mapping, and texting abilities. Also: Flashlights, bottle opener, cork screw, black pen, are mandatory. If it is found that you don’t have this equipment on you before your job starts you may be written up.

Some vehicles will have additional tasks which must be completed and checked off.

Additionally, driver trip sheets will be printed before driver leaves his home to prevent misinformation from late trip changes. Also, pre-trip inspection sheets MUST be filled out prior to leaving for job and are found at bottom of this page to download.

When you return make sure vehicle’s gas is topped off if under 3/4 of a tank. Use cash from earlier job to pay. (Receipts must be emailed at the end of the night)

  • Please examine vehicle for damage and write down any damage on trip sheet before you take a picture and email trip sheet. All trip sheets must be signed and dated. If any additional tips are added via credit card make sure the customer initials the extra gratuity box and the tip will be paid in your check.



  • Failure to comply to new rules will be grounds for termination after 12/31/13.
  • Failure to respond to a drug and alcohol screening within 24 hours is grounds for dismissal.
  • Three or more write ups may be grounds for termination, unpaid vacation, and/or physical harm.


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