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Let us show you how to SAVE MONEY on your Prom Limo / Prom Bus. Prom is almost here and right now is the right time to start planning your prom limo or prom bus. Yes, a tux or dress is important but you can find one of them at the last minute. Finding a date isn’t even important since many go “Han Solo”. Let us show you how to save money on a Prom Limo or Prom Party bus here. If you are looking for other cost saving ideas for school dances and proms excluding limos check out our School Dance Cost Saving Tips


Looking great will be the easy part of the night now let’s take care of the difficult part, the limo. If you are planning a prom limo it will be a bit more difficult than typical school formals. Proms are more popular than other school formals. Secondly, weddings usually occur during the same time of Spring. So let’s plan your night out right without worrying about anything, especially transportation.


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We can help you SAVE MONEY on your Prom Limo or Prom Bus

I’m sure you are thinking this is a piece of cake. But, the hard part is actually doing your homework by finding a company that has a vehicle available. Wait…finding the company is the second hardest part. The first is getting your friends to commit to paying for a prom limo or prom bus. The hardest part of being a teenager is committing to anything. Here at Hotlimos, we suggest that you pick the most the moderate price option. If you aren’t able to fill the prom limo bus you will have to charge a little bit more per person. If you choose the cheapest option you might have many friends skipping out and not paying at all.
Planning parties requires communication. You need to sell your idea and be realistic about the expectations. “We need you to commit! If you can’t go at the last minute you are still responsible for your ticket. Can you handle that? Great, now get your Dad to sign this.”. Many parents feel it’s necessary and helpful to get a parent and/or son/daughter’s signature on a piece of paper confirming the agreement. By being very organized your classmates will feel better about the entire arrangement.
Size matters! Of course, we are talking about limos and party buses. The more people you can put in a vehicle generally the less you pay. If you are planning on less than 10 people in your party you can wait until 30 days out. If you are planning on 50 friends and you aren’t made of money then you should plan for 60 days from your school event. Of course sooner the better. Often limo companies forget that prom or homecoming is around the corner and give you a cheaper rate. Make no mistake companies will sometimes charge quadruple their going rate during prom.

Most party buses are great for proms because you can stand, dance, walk around, and make new friends.

Stretched limos are a completely different story. Movement is generally non-existent when the car is moving. Getting in and out of a stretched vehicle is often more cumbersome for larger people. The positives are a more intimate and classier means of transportation. Many of our guests enjoy our Stretched Hummer for prom and Quincenearas. Like most stretched vehicles you will only comfortably fit 9 to 18 people.


  • Plan your party ahead of time depending on the number of spots 

  • The more students the more affordable 

  • Lock in your friends and their parents to a single price by signing a contract. (Make sure you add 20% on top of the price for the limo to cover any additional charges or penalties. Whatever’s left is yours!

Everyone wants to have the best and most luxurious prom or homecoming event. If you didn’t believe that you would wear blue jeans. In general, most groups spend $500 to $2000 on a limo. If you include dress, tux, flowers, food, etc… you will be looking at least $500 per person. But, what you don’t know is that the number one thing that could go wrong…….is the limo!

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Did I spend too much?

Many students are not great at realizing how much things cost, or the results of poor planning. You think you can cut corners and get the deal of a lifetime. I’m afraid you are only playing games of chance with the devil. I have seen the horror stories and they are very real. Prom Bus doesn’t show up. In fact, this one Prom Bus didn’t show up for four groups that night. Four groups at a total of $2000 per group. $8000 stolen from 200 Prom guests and four hundred parents.
You are better to pay more and get more than pay less and get nothing. Prom or any school dance is a very important day and by saving an extra ten or twenty bucks isn’t worth it. Remember you are risking the money of 49 fellow classmates and another 100 parents. 150 people upset with you for saving yourself thirty bucks on the company with two stars on Yelp.
If you didn’t know San Diego Hotlimos has 88 almost 5-Star Reviews on Yelp. They also own their own auto repair shop. Their vehicles are good to go all the time.

The biggest prom bus mistake is to not inspect the limo before you reserve it. Pictures of a vehicle the day it went into service is not the same vehicle ten years later. Most limo companies never refresh their vehicles pictures on their website. Do your due diligence and go and see your vehicle before you get it. If the limo company tells you they are too busy and can’t make it happen…..RUN! Many companies fail to do a proper cleaning of their vehicles and are left dirty until their next job. Imagine 3 or 4 days in the sun with the windows rolled-up will make any pig farmer sick from the smell. No air-freshener can mask the odor of layers of bacteria.

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Are you Ready for Prom Yet?

Unfortunately, the first thing to go on a limo is the air-conditioning. When you test out a limo or party bus make sure they turn on the AC for you. Many companies don’t have the best A/C Units in their vehicles and require the windows to be open to get a mild breeze. Hotlimos goes above and beyond the call of duty with our SUBZERO Air Conditioners. In California, you need the coolest vehicles. Don’t be screwed with a cheap limo and the chance of melted make-up running down your date’s face. Most newer vehicles only have the best A/C systems.

Limos are one of the few services you can still haggle for a better price. Limousine companies usually price for the worst possible outcome. Can you take some of that stress off of the limo company?


Let’s go over the best ways to keep your price down:

  • Will your limo company entertain transfers/shuttles? Yes, you won’t be able to drive around town in your new hot set of wheels but you will be paying half as much. If the company thinks they can fit you into their schedule of other groups than you will be doing each other a favor. Keep in mind your time-schedule has to be completely flexible. By having flexibility with drop-off times you can persuade the company to do both runs. Saving you money! This choice should be a last-ditch effort to try and find a vehicle for the big dance. Yes, you save money but you are also flirting with something bad happening.

  • Make sure your company doesn’t do this to you without your permission. Many companies will do two charters at the same time. This is illegal and unethical. They must notify you if they transporting others while during your charter.

  • The biggest costs to companies are gas and insurance. Many smaller and less reputable companies won’t have either. The best way to check you’re dealing with a reputable company is by checking their license. The PUC (Public Utilities Commission) handles all the licensure of all commercial vehicles. They make sure the company keeps their vehicles roadworthy and safe. Go to their website and fill in their name. What you find might surprise you. Remember, if they don’t have insurance you will lose more than you could imagine. Here is our PUC Party Bus LOCATOR for California and you can search your prospects here as well.

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    Don’t Make a Mistake!

  • Consider making the limo companies job easier. For instance, instead of driving around aimlessly try parking and enjoying the inside of a really great vehicle. This will make the driver’s job safer but the company will spend less gas. Honestly, it’s not very easy seeing out tinted windows at night anyway, and no bumps either

  • If you live on some windy road or steep drive-way consider meeting at a park and ride next to the interstate. I personally picked 50 prom guests on top of a steep hill. Unfortunately, the brakes locked causing the tire to become extremely hot and pop. Parents had to come and get their son’s and daughters and drive them to prom.

  • Consider being picked up after dinner at a restaurant close to the actual dance. You would easily be able to save at least two hours off the rental’s hourly price.


Make sure your driver is going under the speed limit and not talking on his phone while driving.

Also, don’t allow your friends to become a liability. If someone is doing something that can get all of you in serious trouble it’s in your best interest to put your friends “in-check”. Don’t jeopardize your entire night because of one person doing something “dumb”.
Prom can be a great night if well organized. Don’t ruin it by not planning ahead. By planning ahead you will protect your investment and lock down a great memory for the rest of your life.
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