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How do I rent a party bus?

There’s ONLY one way to obtain an OFFICIAL quote and an estimate (which is not binding),  you must answer these simple questions HERE. By talking one and half minutes to fill this out this form you will be saving yourself 15 minutes and in the end. You would think a call is quicker but it isn’t. Also, with FAST QUOTE written process you are locked in at that price while supply lasts and it is a contract to protect you and us.

How much do party buses cost?

San Diego party bus prices fluctuate depending on the time of year, day of the week, duration of charter, degree of difficulty, and miles. Fortunately, for you we add up all these prices and put it into one affordable total.

San Diego Cheap Party Bus?

We don’t have ANY cheap party buses. They are ALL affordable and very nice inside and out.

Who has the best San Diego Party Buses?

We might be biased but we have the best San Diego party bus rentals. All of our vehicles are new or newer. We own our on auto repair show so you won’t have to worry breaking down or poor vehicle engineering. All of our vehicles are thoroughly inspected everyday so you and your guests have the best party bus and limo experience.

Do you have Military Discounts for party buses and limos?

Of course we have Military Discounts. Depending on our current inventory and the day of the week we will be able to give you a decent to great deal. Fill out our FAST QUOTE and please mention you are active duty or retired active duty and we will do our best to give you the best price for one of our new luxury limo buses.

Do you do shuttle buses, dropoffs, or transfers?

Yes we shuttle buses and transfers! The harder part is if we can fit you in. If you are flexible with your times we might be able to give you a better deal than you thought possible. Fill out our FAST QUOTE and make sure to mention in the remarks that you are “flexible” with your times and are looking for the best price.

How long are wine tours or wine tastings?

Most wine tours are around 6 hours total, and that gives you and your friends about 3 hours for 3 wineries. You need to figure in about 3 hours for driving and drinking (you will be doing the later). Also, depending on the side of town and the time of day may add or subtract an hour. Most wine tours should be booked for 7 hours so you and your friends aren’t rushing.

Who has all inclusive wine tour / tasting packages?

Whomever does they are mostly taking your money and forcing you to go to a winery that isn’t as popular.  Since wineries primary times of business are Saturday and Sunday the only real “special” you may get is a winery off the beaten path in Timbuktu. Secondly, these packages bottleneck you into less popular wineries, wines, and limited entertainment at the winery. Thirdly, you will have paid for a couple dozen wine tickets that you will have no interest in using. In the end you and your friends make your own party but if you are going to spend decent money going to Temecula you are safer going to the more recommended wineries, bringing great wine with you, and to pay as you go or find a companion to chip in for wine tickets with you. You and your friends will save about $100 in wine, $300 in grief, and the priceless memory of everything happening as it should. Please make sure to call your wineries to set your appointments and make sure to add some wiggle room for your friend who decided to go out on Friday night.

The Best San Diego Beer Tasting, Brewery Tour?

We do of course. Why? Because we have the nicest, newest, vehicles on the road. Honestly, because we have such a respected business Breweries are happy to see our new buses pull up. We are currently trying to put together a nice package for our beer fans so we can make their day at the breweries just a little better. Most people are not all that interested in the brewing process. They are their to drink the freshest beer on the planet. If you are genuinely interested in a brewery tour most breweries have times set aside to walk curious beer drinkers through the process. Keep in mind they not very short and you may deter from the real reason you are there…your friends or family. San Diego Breweries are many! We have over 100 and are growing. The best part about this is that we can tailor your beer tour to the point that saves you money because you may be closer to all of the breweries you want to go to. Also, with brewery tours we have a bigger window on when to go because most of them stay open past the time the street lights come on. Let us know how we can make your day perfect and we will do our best to help you out.