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We have Ramona & Temecula Limo Wine Tours for YOU! Some people have said that we even have the BEST Temecula wine tours. If you are ready for a great wine that’s PERFECT! We have been specializing in Temecula wine tasting/winery tours for over 15 years.

Temecula wine tours are a San Diego tour tradition, and we have extensive experience in planning our trips for you to rightfully ensure no detail is left out. In fact San Diego Hotlimos has the biggest AC Units on our buses so you and your friends will be cooler than ice cubes in our state-of-the-art air conditioning. No other company offers this!

If you are wondering how to get to Temecula wineries. Take a look at some of these Wineries by clicking here and pick out some of our great wineries we service. Keep in mind if a particular winery isn’t on the list please ask our reservationist.

Our Temecula limo wine tasting packages will make sure you keep more money in your pocket! We know the in’s and out’s of how you can make sure you go home with more money in your wallet. Many guests buy many booklets of drink tickets, but the best way is to buy is to purchase only one booklet and share them amongst your friends. Don’t get stuck with extra wine tickets after you leave the winery. Those wine tasting tickets add up if you don’t use them. 

Ask your reservationist about the current specials for limo wine tasting tours and packages. Keep in mind many of the more traveled wineries are less likely to give group discounts. The prices listed below are starting prices so please fill out the online quote form that has links above, and below right for exact prices. If you are searching for us with a handheld device please hit the “Click to Call Button” to speak with a service representative.

“Grand Bargain” Let’s put politics aside. Are you having a guys and gals day together? San Diego Hotlimos has put together the Grand Bargain for you in mind. The best of both worlds: Beer and Wine. In conjunction with our San Diego Brewery Tours we are including 1 or 2 Breweries before or after your wine tasting tour. Either start off on a wonderful wine tour and brewery tour. San Diego and Escondido have numerous breweries in San Diego county to pick from. We are more than happy to try and give everybody a little of what they want.

Temecula wine tours can be all inclusive! This will allow you and your party pre-paid drink coupons and transportation. Some companies do this and require you not to bring your own beverages on their vehicles. Here at San Diego Hotlimos we feel the best experience is to give our passengers the choice. Most groups when buying tickets usually end up with many to spare.

We suggest buying 1 book of tickets per 5 people. If any of you feel the wine is exceptional feel free to purchase a bottle which will have anywhere from 30 – 60 tastings. This will make financial sense and allow you to enjoy your wine tasting experience even better with a bit more dollars left in your pocketbook. Also, many of the all-inclusive packages will include some of the less known wineries.

Make your choice wisely and remember the best part of the trip is the way home. Feel free to open up some of your purchases and share them with your friends.

Get ready for a fun-filled day visiting a variety of wineries, each with a character as rich and individual as the wines they produce. Whether you’re interested in one of the overnight packages, or in organizing a day trip for a private group, we offer carefree, guided tours throughout Temecula Valley Wine Country.

Here at HOTLIMOS and Party Bus, we only use luxury transportation for your Temecula Valley Wine Tasting Tour. Our luxury limo buses and limos allow you to visit with all of your guests on the way to the Temecula Wine Country not just the person next to you. Our luxury limo buses allow you the freedom to move around or walk to the bar. With our luxury limo buses, you may have more fun on the way to your Temecula wine tasting tour than on your Temecula limo wine tasting tour! Prices start at $20 p/person and work their way up depending on the size of your party. Save money and get all your friends to go