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san diego hotlines, theme party ideas


We’ve got your 6!

Hotlimos has San Diego Military discounts and party ideas? Are you up for leave and don’t know what to do? We specifically understand that all work and no play makes any VET a dull body….or girl.  Here at San Diego Hotlimos we put together several packages that you might want to take a look at.

Party Buses are a great way to get the party going, but let’s look at some ideas first. We do get a lot of calls from VETS, and we put together a great list of the great activities we’ve had the privilege of serving to San Diego’s finest soldiers. With over 100,000 of you out there and (your families too) we would like to extend a discount of 5% on the weekend and 10% during the week. Since we do have brand new luxury vehicles those savings for military discounts add up fast.

San Diego Military Ideas

    • san diego hotlimos,beer tasting, tour,iconSan Diego Brewery Tours – The best way to do a beer tasting tour is with us during the week. We can get you the best deals on beer and we can give you an absolute smashing deal on one of our fine exotic limousines or limo buses. During the week expect to save around and additional 5%. We might be able to work with you even more if you tell us your budget and any ideas you have for your trip. Great for promotions and retirements.
    • san diego hotlimos,wine tasting,iconSan Diego Wine Tasting Tours – This might not suit a professional soldier but with every man, their’s a lady. Let’s just say Temecula Wineries have no shortage of ladies. Temecula is a beautiful place to enjoy the sun and “everything” that goes with the sun. I highly recommend for men to throw away the “man card” and start doing simple math. 5 girls for every one guy! For those couples you won’t find a more romantic way to spend the weekend. We do have our great specials for Sundays also.
    • san diego hotlimos,gaslamp,party bus,iconSan Diego Gaslamp Party Bus – If you want to get really crazy I would definitely recommend The Gaslamp! That is if you have enough “GAS”. You think basic training picked you up and spit you out; just wait to see what downtown San Diego will do to you on a Friday or Saturday. Seriously, I have to be the bearer of bad news but the Navy seems to do far better than the Marines. The Gaslamp is about pacing yourself and your wallet. You will need a lot of cash. Most clubs are $20 and the drinks are almost $20.
    • san diego hotlimos,military ball,iconMilitary Gala / Balls – We do several dress uniform big parties every year and we generally book up fairly fast. If you are looking to arrive in the best looking party bus in San Diego make sure and give us a call as soon as possible. With all your friends chipping in it will be easily manageable. We do travel to Oceanside and Camp Pendleton. Distance is not a factor.
    • san diego hotlimos,military graduation,party bus,iconMilitary Graduation – Family came all the way from Saginaw and you don’t know how to get everyone around? We have large and small limos and party buses. Our smallest bus seats comfortably 10 – 17 people. The Astoria is our brand new party bus and she seats 10 to 25 comfortably. Impress your family and show them the spots of our beautiful city. All the fun and amusement for the whole family.
    • Family Outings – Without famsan diego hotlimos,military family,iconily what’s left? Here at San Diego Hotlimos, we respect families just as important as the soldiers. More often than not you both look great in BDU’s. Either way, families have to endure quite a bit being in the military. We would like to salute those of you who keep your families going. All of our military discounts family members are able to use as well. Kids Parties are always a favorite. No better time than right after school so you can save an extra 10%.
    • san diego hotlimos,military,party bus,iconMilitary Retirement Party – A very bittersweet day filled with good and bad memories. You made it, or you helped another make it.  20 years of active duty is similar to winning the Nobel Prize for Achievement in putting up with the worst of the worst and the best of the best. We salute and congratulate you and your friends and family.  Baseball group tickets. Dinner & Booze Cruise with friends. Wine Tasting. Brewery Tour. Golf Outing. Tailgating concert or football package. We will even drive you to the border if you really want too.
    • san diego hotlimos,military wedding,iconMilitary Weddings – Something about a military wedding that sends chills down my spine. So much tradition and graceful elegance. Please do plan ahead because our buses are a bit of a “Big Deal” in San Diego. We do fill up fast. So, please do plan ahead. We would hate for you to get your hopes up. For parties up to 30 to 35, I recommend our High Roller. The King, is our 40 to 50 passenger party bus that is appropriately named. Remember to ask about our Military Discount before booking.
    • san diego hotlimos,party bus to vegas,iconParty Bus To VEGAS! – Surprisingly enough, Marines actually beat out the Navy here. We offer excellent weekday Vegas excursions for those of you looking to “relax”. I personally think that Vegas during the week is actually better. Weekends are crowded! Clubs are expensive! Hotels are expensive!  If you really want to beat Vegas the best way to do it is to leave on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and comeback on Monday. Believe it or not but Sunday’s really come “through”. My philosophy is that the really fun people don’t want to leave and call into work sick!
    • Deployment Party – Never a great moment for any soldier. Away from friends and family is tough. There’s nothing like a “Last Hurrah” party to put a smile on your face and for candid memories.  If the Vikings got anything right it’s the party before they left for a battle that was always the most glorious. Booze Cruise, Beer Tour, Gaslamp, Concert Tailgater.
    • End of Tour – No more crappy MRE’s or nights kept awake from snoring soldiers. Let’s celebrate! Booze Cruise or Vegas

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