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sd-hot-limos-50-passenger-tiffanySAN DIEGO CONCERT LIMO

San Diego Live Music is going OFF tonight! San Diego Concert Limo has been a historic part of San Diegans culture. Live Music in San Diego can be found downtown in a small club or in one of our many auditoriums and stadiums. Being in Southern California brings us the biggest name in live music from around the world. Don’t be afraid to make it a night to remember.

San Diego Hotlimos and Party Bus offers two way transportation and hourly charters to all concerts starting around $15 per person at maximum compacity. We will work with you and your group to get all of you to the San Diego Live Music. Please keep in mind that all of the country concerts Sleeptrain Amphitheater has during the year tend to sell out fast. If you have any questions please call to ask.

We have several sized vehicles to fit your San Diego live music party. Our largest party bus comes with everything to get the party going. If you are ready to tailgate at the concert, Make sure you bring the burgers and your friends because this party isn’t complete without them. Our Live Music Group Tailgater Packages are the best way to go if you have big groups. We will make sure you get to the show safe and sound and have exponentially more fun at the same time.


Think you are an EVENT ORGANIZER? Why spend money on a ticket when you can organize your own event and have your friends pay you to set up everything.

We have some great tips and tricks for planning your own events! I’m sure you’ve heard of . Well, if you haven’t Eventbrite allows anybody to plan their own event and help organize, advertise, and collect money for your event. So, how they get paid is that with every $30 ticket you sell Eventbrite gets $1. Believe us it is completely worth it! Why do you need Eventbrite to collect the money? Well, we’ve been in the limousine business for over 10 years and one of the biggest downfalls is when we see one or two of your friends cancel at the last minute and leave you paying for the remainder. The good part with Eventbrite is that you already collected their money and you won’t have to use your own money to help pay for everything. No more getting stuck with paying for your friends lack of organization.

The best part is that every event comes out looking professional and you won’t lose one second of sleep worrying about your event. Your friends will even be able to use their Facebook account to pay for the pre-tickets to your event. They will be able to see who’s already going and you won’t have to play intermediary trying to convince people to come to your event. All the information will be for them to read online. If you would like to see how easy it is click this Eventbrite Organizing link on YouTube.


hotlimos-san-diego-party-bus-limo-concert-sleeptrain-amphitheater-VIP-packagesReady for a new idea to save money and still have the best possible time at the concert! Get your friends together by our. We can drive our party buses from Pacific Beach Staples, San Diego State, to the Sleep Train Amphitheater. When we get there we are opening our party buses up for the ultimate tailgate party before the big concert. Ready to find out more about our tailgaters just CONCERT TAILGATER PARTY! If you are interested in a romantic night with that certain someone we can also set you up with a bottle of champagne and stretched limo or beautiful sedan. What could you ask more from a San Diego live music limo? San Diego has many great places to watch a concert.Cricket Amphitheater / Sleeptrain Amphitheater is the most famous and holds the most people. Many big names throughout the music industry stop there every Spring, Summer, and Fall. Also, check out Viejas Arena, The Belly Up Tavern, Valley View Casino Center, and The House of Blues.

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