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San Diego Beer Tasting or Brewery Tour 

Beer Tours (depending on size) costs anywhere from $70 to $200 per hour for 5 to 40 passengers. Brewery Tours in San Diego are held every day of the week, but most crowds usually show up on Saturday and Sundays. If you are set on getting into one of our NEWEST party buses and price is a factor please make sure to check out our Party Bus Specials page. You might be able to shave a few hundred dollars of the price of service for one of our NEW vehicles.

Most trips are between 4 to 6 hours in length and 3 to 5 breweries are visited. We like to emphasize to our guests NOT to focus on the number of breweries you attend, but on quality time spent with friends.  Note: We also have packages that include winery tours too. Enjoy both and keep everyone happy – Ladies & Gents! Keep reading and find out more about our GRAND BARGAIN: San Diego Brewery Tour and Temecula Winery Tour!

We have several different options regarding our tours and how they proceed.


Beer Drinking

Our most popular tour consists of you choosing each brewery you would like to attend (Perfect for Groups who are concerned about drinking).  When you get to each one you can easily purchase all 4 oz tastings from the attendant. Make no mistake this is the easiest and most affordable way. Also, it prevents you from being suckered into an ALL-INCLUSIVE package that “tie your hands” to which breweries you can attend.

Imagine having to prepay for drinks at nightclubs before going out. Hard to imagine isn’t it!  Also, many breweries may be overcrowded and you are stuck there in their crowded beer tasting room trying to use all of your tickets. Please remember there will be plenty of drinking on our bus or limo, so please pace yourself so your friends are not calling you a “Rookie” by the end of the night.

Trailer for “How Beer Saved The World” You will be shocked and amazed by this two minutes that you will promise yourself to have a glass of beer a little more frequently and to give thanks to the drink that started everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!

Beer Tasting

Real Individualized Beer Tour with your own host! This involves an actual tour. You will learn all about the beer making process and ask questions to the local brew meisters at each brewery. Most importantly you will be able to taste all of the brewers different brews and learn the difference between a pilsner and a lager.

Private tours must be arranged at least a week ahead of time and their’s an extra cost but it will leave you swimming in a nice pool of beer. Call now to reserve your tour (619) 800-5468. If you are interested in our personal tours please give us a call. If you need help planning your personal tour we can organize everything. If you are unsure and just want it to go “smoothly” we will plan everything for you.

Save big bucks by planning your brew tour on Sunday through Friday! Call for details and don’t fight the lines or rowdies!

San Diego County has breweries scattered across most of it but most brewery tours are located in three separate areas: coastal, Mira Mesa, and San Marcos. We can definitely steer you in the right direction with cost and length. Give us a call so we can explain the finer aspects of beer tasting and brewery tours of San Diego.

Keep in mind we also do the GRAND BARGAIN! Wine Tour and Brewery Tour in ONE!

Please Print out these 2 sheets to help you decide which type of beer is right for you! Also, if you are looking to find the best San Diego Breweries and taste some of their best new concoctions,you might want to click here because taste testers get great prices on BEER!



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