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A long time ago in a galaxy that’s ours…

A phenomenal has taken shape and has fueled countless adults and children to leave their parents basements for a pilgrimage of epic proportions.

Comic-Con is a wickedly blessed trek to the world of artsy geekdom mixed with culturally cool. Where over one hundred thousand people filled with enough energy to power the entire west coast of California come to San Diego to dive into the world of Science Fiction, Art, and the possibilities of a better tomorrow.

Now every aspect of the entertainment community will all be focussed around this amazing event so let’s get you started on what you won’t miss. If this is your first time at Comic-Con, here is everything you need to know to make the most of your 4 days, and if this is a part of your yearly ritual send us an update of what we missed to San Diego Hotlimos or if you want to get your crew around San Diego in “Style” we will be happy to help outstar trek girls at a comic con party

Why go to Comic-Con?

2) The Costumes:

‘If you love Superheros, Science Fiction movies, Comics, TV series or are part of any fandom. Comic-Con is the single most awesome gathering of such geeks from all over and gives us the opportunity to live as your favorite character for a day. And man, it is fun!’ – Harshita Tiwari

It’s hard to argue with that but to add to that if you aren’t interested in procuring a costume you can definitely people watch. You won’t find more interesting people to watch in the world on this 4-day trek.

2) The Movie Stars:

You will see plenty of movie stars, T.V. stars, and everybody in the comic book culture to make your head spin off. The best way to see these stars is to follow the San Diego Union Tribunes ideas of how and where to see the stars. 

  • On the south side of the convention center, several megayachts will be parked in the water and it’s become an annual trend for media companies to do celebrity interviews on them. So you can stand on the sidewalk near the yachts and see celebrities being dropped off to walk to the dock. Last year some signed autographs.
  •  The hotels around the convention center are always crawling with celebrities. Sometimes you can see them coming and going from the Hilton San Diego Bayfront (though security is tight). The elevators inside the hotel are also a good place to spot them.
  • Celebrities have been known to wear costumes and masks to hide their identities so they can walk freely around the convention floor without being seen.

What to bring to Comic-Con

  • Refillable water bottle: don’t get caught passing out in the sun with your Chewbacca suit on!two guys at comic-con with painted on costumes
  • Hat and sunscreen: it’s San Diego, drinking alcohol and sunburn don’t mix!
  • Snacks: Food will be a luxury…time and convenience. Bring protein bars.
  • Two extra bags: You will come back with something each day.
  • A Sharpie and a notebook: Autographs!
  • Battery packs: Don’t get stuck with a dead phone.
  • Cash: Cash is always king when buying. Cash discounts are available.
  • Extra I.D.: Hide for safe keeping along with extra credit card.
  • Germ hand sanitizer: Germs everywhere but on you! Wetwipes might be good too.
  • Comfortable shoes: Sore feet is brutal to dance with.
  • Lanyard: Getting a replacement badge is brutal.
  • Sewing Kit: Your costume will break!
  • Deodorant / small toothbrush: Don’t get caught stinking!
  • Rolaids: Fast food equals upset stomach.
  • Headphones: Sometimes peace of mind is easy nice.

What to wear to Comic-Con (Costume or not to costume)

Comic-Con is famous for elaborate cosplay. Part of the excitement of attending is getting to see first hand the incredible costumes that attendees have labored over for months. Plus, it’s really neat to see comic, gaming, and fantasy universes collide.

But if you haven’t already invested a hundred hours into custom building an exact replica of an original Storm Trooper costume – not to worry. You don’t have to worry that you’ll feel out of place. 

Costume Suggestions that are simple:

Supergirl talking off glasses for Comic Con

When in doubt, go classic. Clark Kent with a Superman emblem beneath his suit, one of the gang from Scooby Doo, Super Mario Brothers, a Zombie, your favorite Powerpuff Girl… the beauty of Comic-Con is that it applies to such a wide range of genres and time periods. Even if you’re not totally up-to-date with the hottest shows, games, and comics of the year, rest assured that attendees appreciate nostalgia too. The bonus is that a lot of throwback cosplay ideas are relatively simple to create.

To not Costume!

It’s America! We already know you will find 50% of the uptight population not willing to let loose. In fact, the majority of attendees don’t do cosplay for the event. 

And if this is your first time, it may be for the best if you opt for comfort over creativity. If you have a relevant t-shirt, Comic-Con is a great place to wear it. If not, rest assured you’ll be far from the only person there who isn’t decked out in costume. You don’t need to wear a costume to Comic-Con in order to enjoy seeing everybody else’s costume.

Guide to Comic-Con Lines and Crowds

Comic-Con includes a whole lot of waiting. But with some strategic planning and consideration for other attendees, you can make the process a whole lot easier on yourself and everyone around you. Plus, the people watching is prime! Here is how to do Comic-Con lines and crowds like a pro: 

  • Pick ONE major event that you want to each day, and plan your whole day around it. If it’s a really popular panel, chances are you’ll be waiting in line for a good chunk of the day. You’ll only be disappointed if you try to do too much and spread yourself too thin.
  • Panel rooms aren’t cleared out between sessions, so if you get a seat early you can pretty much stay there the whole day. You can also take advantage of the time between sessions, when people get up and leave, to score better seating.

Pro-Tips for New Comic-Con Attendees

  • Bring a light sweater. Despite the heat outside, the AC in the convention can be a bit much for some.Image of Stan Lee (the creator of Spider Man) with hottie
  • Get your morning coffee before you head to the Convention Center. There is no reason to battle the long lines only to pay exorbitant prices for a coffee that you could have enjoyed in peace in your hotel room.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the city! It’s easy to pack your schedule with official events and completely miss out on the great museums, parks, nightlife, and scenery that San Diego has to offer – make sure to get away from the Convention and experience the city.


Thanks to the San Diego Union-Tribune for many of these great tips!

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