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We have 10 GREAT MONEY SAVING WEDDING TIPS FOR YOU! I’m pretty sure saving money on your wedding is something every bride and groom think about. Weddings are a big thing in this country and we want you to have the wedding you always dreamed of having!

Now what we are suggesting is to market your wedding to others. The amount of effort on your behalf could be one hour or 100 hours. The more work you put into it the bigger the savings you get out of it. Of course American’s love the “Bigger the Better” attitude but something like that is not necessary or not even visible in a picture.

Let’s just pretend you could save well over $35,000 would you be interested in HEARING MORE? First, lets talk about what you could do with 35g’s today: Down payment on a house? A bigger house? Financial Investment? School for a child? Retirement? New car? Corrective Surgery? Fancier Wedding? Better school for kids? The skies the limit!

Consider most problems in relationships first start with the topic of money and tend to lead to some pretty stressful arguments and from this let’s determine what is really important to you and your new spouse… maybe a bit of sanity. 

Total Cost under $15,000 for EVERYTHING!!!!  Rings = Secret.  If you are planning to spend a lot on jewelry I highly recommend striking a deal for mentioning them in any wedding brag blog as well as any service providers that you felt went above and beyond to make your day an amazing one.

Check out our wedding pictures above if you like!  Also, please leave any other suggestions, or cost cutting ways that I missed. Hopefully, we will all have some great ideas together.

  • Publicity

    Many San Diego Wedding Blog Sites offer you the ability to display your wedding on their blog (this may lead to cash returned to you…keep reading)

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  • Vendors

    Like free publicity, or semi-free publicity. Us vendors would love to thank you for being so kind to recommend us that we will be more than happy to return that favor.

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  • Day of Planner

    Many “Day of Planners” charge $1000. We paid our’s $500 and she was AMAZING! We didn’t even have a wedding coordinator and she was GREAT! Crystal Power’s is her name and her number is (619) 341-4436. Don’t let your coordinator sell you on the $1000 one.

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  • Huge wedding party?

    Hate to break it to you but your friends would rather spend their money on wedding gifts and bachelor/bachelorette parties, than buying dresses or renting tuxedos.

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  • Caterer

    Ranch Events was extremely affordable and the food was pretty fabulous.  | Scale = 8, Price = 4.

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  • Printing

    We did our own wedding cards/invitations on They double billed us.   | Scale = 5, Price = 5

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  • Wedding Website

    Was done on GoDaddy for $10 with their website builder.  | Push

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  • Limousine transportation

    We used “The King“. A 50 passenger bus that was brand new from San Diego Hotlimos. | Scale = 10, Price = 7

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  • Marketing

    We were able to have our wedding on one of the sites that was pretty big and these companies mailed us a check back to us for a total of $400.  I’m doing the website for San Diego Hotlimos so I was able to save $400 on the Limobus.

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  • Location

    Where did we have the wedding? Montana Cielo in Jamul, CA.  | Scale = 9 Cost = 1

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  • Cake

    Hors d’ and liquor were all from Costco Mission Valley | Scale = 7  Price = 2

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  • DJ

    Was VAWXof San Diego.  | Scale =7  Price = 4

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  • Dress

    Was purchased at Brides By Demetrios in Mission Valley. The dress we got was beautiful and thankfully tailored well.  | Scale = 8  Price = 3

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  • Dinner Tables

    Were set up by location and tablecloths were taken care by Ranch Events. The table centerpieces were purchased on craigslist from a newlywed.

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  • Jewelers

    love to tell you to spend a months pay on a ring. Is that really necessary? I mean if a precious stone is already tens of thousands years old is it really important that nobody has owned it before? Most jewelry after it’s sold has lost 40% of original value.

Drew Spinoso 9:04 PM